The idea of building a new home can be overwhelming. Our goal is to assist you in navigating this process with as little stress as possible. Here, we've addressed some common questions our clients have.
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Where can you install a Modern Modular unit?

Currently we are certified to install our homes anywhere in Canada, from coast to coast. We are also currently working on state specific certification for the US market. Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates.

Why choose prefabricated construction over traditional site built?

1- Reduced project schedule: With the home being built offsite, other tasks can take place simultaneously condensing the schedule and allowing you to enjoy your investment sooner.

2-Remote Site Access:  Conventional site construction in remote or challenging locations can be cumbersome, expensive and time consuming. Prefab construction means less trips to site, less site construction, less neighborhood disturbance and a quicker overall process. 

3-Quality Control/Quality Assurance: Our homes are built in our Canadian based manufacturing facility. Our product and our facility are both strictly regulated and inspected by a third party government regulated agency to ensure we are in compliance with our CSA A277 and CSA Z240 standards during all phases of construction.

How are your homes constructed?

Our homes are built on a welded steel skid, framed using cold formed steel (CFS) and wrapped with metal cladding. Durable, fire resistant and nearly maintenance free.

Can I finance one of your homes?

Financing options can be available. If you are interested in financing we recommend reaching out to one of our sales specialists.

What type of foundation do I need for my Modern Modular unit?

Our homes are designed to be installed onto a permanent foundation. This is typically a concrete crawl space/foundation or screw piles.

What code are your buildings constructed to?

All of our models are built in our Canadian facility in a climate controlled environment and built to meet/exceed CSA A277 requirements. Our manufacturing facility and models are third party inspected multiple times a year to ensure compliance with this code.

How long does it take to build our Modern Modular unit?

Depending on the model chosen, it takes between 8-12 weeks to manufacture and assemble your unit In our facility. The unit will be completed to 98% when it is delivered to your property and the remaining items completed by our installation team on site, typically in a few short days.

Can I select the interior finishes and colors?

Yes, each of our models has a wide range of interior and exterior finishes to choose from.

Does the Modern Modular team handle the transport and installation of my new home?

Yes, our team will manage all aspects of the delivery, initial set up and installation of your unit on your property. The details and specifics will be outlined in your estimate.

Can I make changes to the floor plan?

Our Mod Series floor plans are meticulously designed to optimize space and comply with local building requirements in Canada. While not customizable, you have the option to mirror or flip the plans to suit your location, ensuring structural integrity and compliance. For more extensive customization, our Alpine line offers a larger footprint, providing flexibility to tailor the design to your preferences.